November 20, 2018


  • One minute of video is worth about 1.8 MILLION WORDS.
  • TENS OF BILLIONS of videos are viewed on the internet everyday.
  • Before reading any text, 60% of visitors will WATCH A VIDEO if available.
  • The BOTTOM LINE is you’re doing your business a disservice by not producing videos.

Social Media Promo Ad

Our goal was to deliver a clean and clear message within Instagram’s maximum allowed run time, which is 30 seconds. Our initial images represent life’s simple pleasures, then quickly speed-on to underscore that too much of anything can be overwhelming, and unhealthy. Finally, we stop the madness/animation, and offer our services as an opportunity for business owners to “breathe.”

Given that today’s average attention span is about 8 seconds it is essential to do more with less. Together we’ll create video presentations that are to the point, informative, memorable, engaging, entertaining and “shareworthy.” We also offer effective distribution services through associated websites like YouTube, FaceBook and in email campaigns. Let’s turn your video viewers into subscribers, and your subscribers into paying customers. Here’s a short list of video types we’ve produced but are not limited to:

• Social Media Ads
• Product/Service Releases
• Manufacturing Facility Tours
• How To/Educational
• How It Works/Informational
• History/Documentaries
• Music/Arts


Classic Dash Product Release Video

Owner Greg Wambold wanted this product release video to serve two purposes; first to announce the companies new dash panel for late “fox body” mustangs, and second to demonstrate a quick how-to install. We accomplished both objectives in under two minutes of video run time.

Classic Dash is recognized as a pioneer in the manufacturing of molded ABS composite dashboards for muscle cars. They design and manufacture custom dash panels that are bolt-in replacements for factory equipment, covering over 70 applications with many variations.


SnugTop SnugPRO XL Video

This prestigious and award winning company commissioned us for yet another of their many video projects. Upon completion, we received a phone call from SnugTop’s Marketing Manager, Tobias Schopf. Tobias wanted to personal commend us for our quality production value, and shared that video editing is a personal hobby of his. Tobias and our company owner Michael Giarrusso then enjoyed an amiable conversation about video applications, tools, filters, tips and tricks.


Lloyd Mats Safety Anchors Video

Director of Marketing, Gary Lavender came to us wanting to develop a “reusable” video theme for the promotion of several Lloyd Mats products. Lloyd’s budget was modest supporting only the animated opening/closing sequences (apart from the base footage), thus no additional styling or production value was added. You can view this theme and other videos in the series we produced from Lloyd’s YouTube channel. It may be worth mentioning that legendary talk show host, Jay Leno, also supports LLoyd Mats products.


Video production services

With only one prep day and two days of shooting we captured all the footage this project would need. Green screens were critical and many special effects were carefully crafted in post production. A private concert in a snow globe, a giant blue frog and a dark alley assault lead to a disastrous ending with a hopeful twist, and important message. This video portrays a creative, confused girl who is halfheartedly into the Goth scene. Her fascination with clairvoyance along with a faceless Internet romance propels her and us through a series of disconcerted dreams.

Note: This page is still under development.