March 23, 2016


–Client for Over 10 Years–

Rebranding Campaign

M. Giarrusso is rebranding Absolute-DSi

M. GIARRUSSO has rebranded Absolute-DSi, a subsidiary of Diligent Solutions Inc. This multi million dollar manufacturing company specializes in the production of precision tools and parts for the medical industry including: Surgical Blades, Spinal Implants, Orthopedic Replacements, Stents, Catheters, Guide Wires, Valves, Neurostimulators and a host of others. Redesigning their brand identity while retaining the core of their signature impression was the challenge owner Stephen Bowles presented us with.

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Logo, website, business cards, flyers and a trade show booth display (among others), were all recreated with an enhanced version of their signature ”cube” icon that now resembles a steel 3D framework. We also added Saturn ring-like graphics amid an awe-dawning horizon to represent that Absolute-DSi is on the cutting edge of technology, and that they are the future of their industry. Updating the company website and producing promotional videos are next on the agenda.